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2006-06-25 - They are Free and Back!!!
more info @ wikipedia 2006-04-24

2006-06-25 - Alexander was born 23.06.2007, 3.400 KG, 48 cm. 2006-06-25

2007-06-11 - Mr.George W. in Sofia

The president of USA George W.Bush is (was) visiting Sofia today...

2007-03-17 - Wedding of our boss :-)

More and bigger pictures can be seen here

2006-09-03 - Our colege participated in wake board competition in Pchelina (near Lobush, Radomir)
he is on position 7.

2006-08-19 - Today we "assembled" some furniture, for a friend of ours...
Looks like we are good not only in computer software, but also in hardware and hammer-ware ;-)

2006-07-06 - Our friends from Bulport/Channel 13, put the conference record online here

2006-07-05 - Today we participated in a meeting with Dr. Vint Cerf Vice President of Google and Chairman of the ICANN Board.
The event was part of the Bulgarian visit of a delegation of leading international IT experts who were also present at the meeting, including Mr. Fred Baker, chairman of the Board of the Internet Society; Mr. Brian Cute, Vice President, Governmental Relations, VeriSign; Ms. Esther Dyson, author of the book Release 2.0, and founding chairperson of ICANN; Mr. Philpp Grabensee, Chairman of the Board of Afilias; Mr. George Sadowsky, Executive Director, Global Internet Policy Initiative; Ms. Lynn St. Amour, President and CEO of the Internet Society; and Mr. Edward Viltz, President and CEO of the Public Interest Registry (PIR).

2006-05-09 - Our sponsored half-pipe skating team "Team-Disaster" perform wery well in competition in Rennes (France). They got second position in the finals. Expect some pictures in our blog as soon as they are available for us.

Until then, you may follow the link here, in order to see some pictures from Rennes
click here

2006-05-09 2006-05-09

Rennes sur Roulettes
# Score Name Country
1 82 Kevin Lopez Belgium
2 75 Kiril Trayanov Bulgaria (Team-Disaster)
3 74.5 Richi Sedlar Germany (Light-Team)
4 74 Nikolai Naidenov Bulgaria (Team-Disaster)
5 71 Godenaire Romain France
6 69 Maerz Andreas Germany
7 63 Pavel Mitrenga Bulgaria (Team-Disaster)
8 53 Suarez J remy Belgium
9 49 Piekarski Tomasz Poland
10 41 Otto Bolanos Colombia

2006-05-01 - New Baby 2006-05-01

We have new "colege" in the office :-) Boiana was born about month ago, but this is first time we get some pictures of her.

2006-04-09 - Snowboard season closing 2006-04-09

Today we "officially" closed the snowboarding season, because the lifts areclosing tomorrow...

2006-03-19 - Meeting in Istanbul 2006-03-19

We participated in TravelJungle European conference in Istanbul (Turkey). You may see the Blue Jami, Kapalicerchi - the famous Grand Bazaar and a mosaic icon from St.Sofia (Haiga Sofia) below

2006-03-19 2006-03-19
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